Secure My Treasures is your secure online safe.

Store your valuable information in stylized Chests

Trustee access to Chests

High level data protection with advanced identity verification

Secure My Treasures gives you peace of mind

Relax knowing your trusted loved ones can easily access your vital information if you can’t.

Reduce stress, grief and conflict for those you have left behind when the right documents to settle your affairs are immediately available.

Evacuate from a natural disaster quickly, reassured that your important documents, photographs and sentimental items are safe.

Store all of your important information in Chests

  • Build as many Chests as you like using our easy-to-use templates
  • Store digital documents in all formats
  • Authorize up to three (3) Trustees to access each of your Chests.

Security that safeguards your privacy and your valuable information

We know that cybersecurity is a huge issue today.

At Secure My Treasures, your safety and security is very important to us.

Secure My Treasures has advanced security access features to ensure your valuable information and privacy is protected from unauthorized access.

You can trust Secure My Treasures to support you and your family through life’s transitions and challenges.

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Secure My Treasures

Secure My Treasures