Information for Trustees on Secure My Treasures

Secure My Treasures offers a cutting edge approach to help safeguard personal information in a secure online document safe.

Our Clients create Chests where they can store copies of personal and private documents, photos, podcasts and videos and much, much more.

For each Chest built, our Clients can nominate one or more Trustees who may be required to access a Chest to obtain essential information, say in an emergency. Note that is not mandatory for our Clients to nominate Trustees.

Trustee Example – Victoria loses her bag in Paris

Straight out of high school, Victoria heads off on a working holiday in Europe. In Paris, she is awestruck by the magnificence of the Tour Eiffel and carelessly flops her bag over the arm of the park seat beside her. When she finally looks down, the bag with her lap top, passport and phone is missing. Victoria panics in the moment. Luckily, Victoria had stored a copy of her passport photo page, her passwords, credit card information and details of her phone account in a Travel Chest on Secure My Treasures.

Fearful that the theft might ruin her trip, Victoria raced to the internet cafe on Rue Bois le Vent and logged into Secure My Treasures. She was able to access a copy of the identity page on her passport, her birth certificate and the travel itinerary that was on her lap top. She immediately contacted authorities to report the theft and seek assistance to speed the replacement of her passport.

This was a time when Victoria really needed her mother, Heather.

From the internet cafe, Victoria tearfully phones Heather, spluttering about the bag snatch but offering very little coherent information about what has been done to restore or replace Victoria’s belongings.

Luckily, as part of her back up plan should something go wrong, Victoria made Heather a Trustee on her Travel Chest. Calming her daughter, Heather logged into the Chest and was able to quickly review the items in the Chest, establish the extent of the loss and figure out a restore, replace and mitigate plan.

As their trusted document safe, Secure My Treasures was able to provide peace of mind for both Victoria and Heather.

Trustee Example – Jean’s planning for end of life

Jean was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Then in her 80s, Jean decided that it was time to get her affairs in order. She wanted to make it easy for people to be able to locate the original copy of her will and the paperwork for all the services, memberships and insurances that would need to be cancelled when she passed. Jean wasn’t very good at using a computer. Her son, Cory, seemed to be comparatively adept at toggling the keyboard to create all manner of documents.

Cory helped Jean to register with Secure My Treasures and to build some Chests where she could store copies of documents and treasured memories. She chose two Trustees to access each Chest and their contents. For each Chest, Jean also provided instructions on what the Trustees were to do with the documents they were authorised to access. Jean also left a note of appreciation for each Trustee.

You Have Been Nominated as a Trustee

You may be one of three Trustees authorized to access a Chest or Chests on Secure My Treasures. Our Client will advise you what Chests they are assigning you to access.

When you log on to Secure My Treasures, you will be required to verify your identity. You will then be presented with a screen that shows you the list of Chests that you can access. By clicking on a particular Chest, you will see only the information you can view or download, and no other.

Being a Trustee is an honour. Our Client has put their faith and trust in your good judgement to access information in certain Chests. The information in the Chests is sensitive. Please show your respect for our client by keeping information about the contents of the Chests confidential.

If the personal details (eg legal name, date of birth and email address) you enter into the Trustee login do not exactly match those provided for you by our Client, you will be refused access to Secure My Treasures. In these circumstances, you must contact our Client to update your details.

Our Clients can add and remove Trustees at any time. If your status as a Trustee changes, you will receive an email from Secure My Treasures. If you have been removed as a Trustee you will no longer be able to access our Client’s Chests.

Trustee Responsibilities

Being a Trustee carries certain responsibilities and specific requirements to access Secure My Treasures.

If you agree to become a Trustee, you will be required to have your identity checked every time you access Secure My Treasures.

You must pass the identity check to access the Chests you are authorized to access. If you cannot pass the identity check, you will have no access to Secure My Treasures.

You can only access the Chests that you are authorized to access and no other.

The information in the Chests is private and confidential. Each Chest may hold a message to the Trustees. There may be times, such as when a loved one has passed, that the message may carry special significance or perhaps be emotionally disturbing.

If you need support or information around depression and anxiety, we encourage you to seek assistance from Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.

Secure My Treasures will never email you to ask you for a username, password, payment or bank account details. If you are contacted for this type of information, we suggest that you ignore the request and considering calling the police

At Secure My Treasures, we take the privacy of our Clients seriously. We will never assist you or anyone else to access a Client’s Chests in any circumstances.

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