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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAD) is held annually on 15 June 2024. It’s a sad day really. It’s a day when we face the harsh reality that 1 in 6 older people will experience elder abuse.

Everyone has a right to feel completely safe in their own home, surrounded by people they love and can trust.

Unfortunately, the majority of elder abusers are the children or grandchildren of older people.  Elder abuse takes many forms including psychological, neglect, financial, physical and sexual abuse.

Stand up against the abuse, mistreatment and neglect of older people. Together, we can stop elder abuse.

Secure My Treasure is a great place to secure your vital information if you are at risk of elder abuse or any other form of domestic violence.

Find out more about elder abuse at Protecting the Rights of Older Australians

Palliative Care Week

This week, 19-25 May 2024, is Palliative Care Week.

Many Australians shy away from talking about death and dying. It’s tough to hear that a loved one is reaching the end of their life. And some miss out on receiving that very special end of life care, palliative care.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is high quality health care and support for people living with a life-limiting illness and their families. Palliative care is holistic and helps people to live as well as they can by managing pain and symptoms to ensure their quality of life is maintained as the illness progresses.

Find out more about palliative care from Palliative Care Australia,

#PAW It’s Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an annual event, led by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in partnership with state and territory privacy regulators and Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities members.

PAWs theme for this year is power up your privacy. There’s no better time than right now to better protect you and your family by reviewing how you think and practice privacy when it comes to all of your information.

At Secure My Treasures, we encourage your meticulous attention to privacy practice, not just once each year but every day of the year. As our clients already know, Secure My Treasures is vigilant about advance your privacy rights.

Download this fact sheet to enhance your privacy protections.

Home (not so) Sweet Home – when community living goes pear shaped

Over 260,000 Australians currently live in lifestyle, retirement or residential communities. Most people expect that their move to community living will be idyllic. Life simplified will be easier. Many newcomers to community living will appreciate opportunities to participate in more activities, to make new friends, enjoy more security and feel confident with help at hand 24/7.
Not everyone is on their best behaviour in the community where they live. Sometimes, and for many reasons, relationships go awry. This can affect people’s happiness, the way they live and move around their community and their mental health. Not surprisingly, some people move to leave the problem of bad neighbour behaviour well behind.
Two of the most destructive behaviours found in community living are gaslighting and white anting. You can find out more about gaslighting by clicking this link  What is gaslighting and for more on white anting, click this link Understanding white anting

If you think that you have experienced gaslighting and white anting in the community where you currently live, we’d love to hear from you.

You are welcome to share your story anonymously here


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Hey! World Hand Hygiene Day is on 5 May 2024

World Hand Hygiene Day is a global initiative of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Held every year on 5 May 2024, World Hand Hygiene Day serves to raise awareness among health and aged care professionals about how good hand hygiene can help to prevent the spread of infection and save lives.

There are good reasons why healthcare consumers should also jump on board and support World Hand Hygiene Day.

You can be a great support to your healthcare team, your loved ones and yourself by making a habit of practicing good hand hygiene.

Did you know:

  • Just by touching, your fingers can become a cesspool of contaminants.
  • If you share your keyboard with other people, you could be sharing bugs like E.coli, S. Aureus or streptococcus that can make you very, very ill.
  • The average desktop is roughly home to 400 times more bacteria than your average toilet seat.
  • Bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory illnesses can live for up to 24 hours on any shared surface eg desk tops, lap tops, ipads, mobile phones, door knobs, scissors and even the can opener.

At Secure My Treasures we know that from time to time you will upload and secure large amounts of information in your Chests. We encourage all our clients to stay safe. Please wash your hands!

Not sure if your handwashing technique stacks up. Check out these 5 easy tips that appear in the image above.

Keen to find out more:

World Hand Hygiene Day. Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

Could your keyboard have more bacteria than a toilet seat? Mallika Marshall MD

Our Program Partner, Acquaint offers premium home care

I caught up with Fiona Somerville, Managing Director of bespoke home care provider, Acquaint.  I was bowled over Fiona’s warmth and amazing passion for delivering premium care for older people at home. It comes no surprise that Acquaint’s service is all about going above and beyond for every client. With its tailored services and absolute discretion, Acquaint is clearly a cut above the rest.
During our discussion, we mulled over the bigger picture around aged, home and community care. We thought about how people like to be independent and stay in their own homes as long as possible. We also thought about how ageing sometimes sneaks up on us. We could easily see the synergy between the services provided by Acquaint and Secure My Treasures
Secure My Treasures is your bank grade secure digital information safe. As a secure store for vital information, it’s an ideal way to keep track of important information as we age and before it’s urgently need. That way there is no panic about where vital information is when we are starting to lose our memory or are on the verge of going to residential care. You can even use it to keep track of your home care.

If you are working in aged care, click this link if you would like to know more about Acquaint.
And if you are an aged care or home care provider looking to offer your clients a value-added service, look no further than Secure My Treasures.

Out now! Secure My Treasures April 2024 Newsletter


Decluttering guru, Julie Cliff from Space and Time

Dougie’s story. How one young man struggled with the passing of his only living relative.

Secure My Treasures appearance on community radio 97.5FM, Business Matters, our membership of EveryAGE Counts and our submission to the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs, Alternative Commonwealth Capabilities for Crisis Response.

Download and please share our newsletter Secure My Treasures Newsletter April 2024

Who knows where to find your loved one’s will?

Without a doubt, when a loved one passes away, questions will be asked about the whereabouts of their. A better question is, “Who actually knows where’s the will?” Wills can hide many places beyond a will safe, whether online or bolted into cement. Still, many wills go missing and still grieving friends and relatives can remain bereft about how to find them. And searching for a missing  can be an exhausting, expensive, and, occasionally non-yielding undertaking.

In this video we encourage you to not only prepare yourself for the inevitable to prepare your loved ones.

Check out the latest of our YouTube videos, Who knows where’s the will?

Secure My Treasures FREE advisory service

From 1 April 2024, you’ll be able meet with us by Zoom for a FREE chat about Secure My Treasures.

If you are wondering if Secure My Treasures is right for you, book a meeting with us, using this link, to explore your thoughts. 

There’s absolutely no obligation to subscribe and you can ask us anything.

Wonder no more.  You might be interested in:

  • The protection that Secure My Treasures’ bank grade security offers.
  • Our ID verification system that is accurate, quick and easy to use.
  • Who, if anyone, should help you to set up your Chests and decide what copies of documents etc to upload.
  • That it doesn’t matter if your vital documents are not ready or available today. You can slowly upload copies of documents, photos, videos and information in all formats over time
  • Who should be asked to be trustee and what information they can see in your chests
  • How to deal with a complex family when it comes to trustees and my Secure My Treasures.
Here’s the link again to book your free advisory session

Secure My Treasures on community radio Merimbula, NSW

We were excited to be talking about Secure My Treasures on Rik Schnabel’s Business Matters on 97.5 Sapphire FM on Monday 12 February 2024 at 10am.  We invited locals to join us after the show at the Waterfront Cafe in Merimbula from 11am.  We shouted coffee as a thank you for those who came from everywhere to join us.

If you are an Australian organisation, not for profit, charity or a large loving family and you would like a presentation of Secure My Treasures, a meet and greet, community chat or a zoom session please email your enquiry to

Listen to our interview on Business Matters 97.5 FM with Rik Schnabel and Jacqui Smith on 12 February 2024,

Presentation of Secure My Treasures to the residents of Rylands of Kew

Directors, Char Weeks and Geoff Charles, recently had the enormous pleasure of giving a presentaton with Q+A to the residents of Rylands of Kew. We appreciated our very engaged audience and the great discussion.

Rylands retirement communities offer residents a unique lifestyle. A life surrounded by friends, with familiar comforts, in neighbourhoods you know and love. Rylands of Kew is designed for people who want to retire in style, enjoy their freedom and lead an active life. Find out more at

Book your face to face or online presentation of Secure My Treasures now. Email us at

So why is Secure My Treasures different to other information safes?

Read on …and share with your family and friends. You may never know how much you need Secure My Treasures until you really do.


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Join our webinar to find out more about Secure My Treasures

If you are reading this post, chances are that you have at least heard about Secure My Treasures. Some of you will still be grappling with what Secure My Treasures does, is or isn’t. It’s a secure online information safe. Others will be just not sure how Secure My Treasures fits into their lives.

Join us at our webinar on November 22, 2023 from 13.00-13.30 AESST to learn about the many practical uses for Secure My Treasures, including as a gift. Feel free to bring your questions or send them in advance.

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Secure My Treasures is now on YouTube

Find out more about how a subscription to Secure My Treasures can make your life easier.

That’s what we all want. Right? Less drama, fewer hassles and less stress…..especially when you need to find something urgently.

Connect with us through our video library.

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New Chest – Accountant Access in an Emergency

How often do clients arrive at an appointment with their accountant and suddenly realise that they have left the information most needed at home. How frustrating.

Sometimes that makes for a wasted appointment and/or higher fees.

Even when you forget, you’re covered if you routinely store all of your financial and accounting information in your Accountant Access in an Emergency Chest. And just so no documents is ever unavailable, you can make your accountant a Trustee.

New Chest – Cosmetic Procedures History

Store information about all of your cosmetic procedures in this new chest.

Take the guess work out of what you’ve had done, where, when and by whom by storing this information in one safe place.

Appoint a trustee to access your Cosmetic Procedures History if you can’t.

Take a Look Inside Secure My Treasure – Video


Download our short video on how Secure My Treasures works.

We’ll take you through registration and explain our rigorous approach to security with identity verification.

We’ll show how to set up a chest, add information to your chests and how to choose trustees.


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