How to Choose Your Trustees

Selecting a Trustee for one or more of your Chests in Secure My Treasures is a very important decision. This is because you will be sharing access to your very personal and private information with your Trustees. Being selected as a Trustee is an honour for the person selected.

It goes without saying that the Trustees you select and assign to access your Chests in Secure My Treasures will be people that you trust implicitly.

You must be certain that the Trustees you choose will respect your wishes. You must also be confident that your Trustees will always act in accordance with your wishes.

You can select anyone who is willing to be a Trustee. However, it is better to choose family members or people you know well and who know you well. They should be people who demonstrate maturity, honesty, good judgement and who will take their Trustee responsibilities seriously.

You should not select as Trustees any person who attempts to pressure or coerce you in any way to make them a Trustee.

You can change your Trustees at any time, and as often as you wish. If you decide to remove a Trustee, that person will receive an advice email from Secure My Treasures.

How to Approach a Person to Become a Trustee

Decide which Chests you would like to build in Secure My Treasures. Decide if you would like to assign access to Trustees. You do not need to assign Trustees to subscribe to Secure My Treasures.

Before you start building your Chests, choose your Trustees and match them to one or more Chests.
Then, contact your preferred Trustees and explain:

  • What Secure My Treasures is and why you are using this service.
  • That you are inviting Trustees to access copies of your personal information if you can’t.
  • Which Chest or Chests they can access if required.
  • Alert them that some of the information in your Chests may be emotive for them in certain circumstances such as your unexpected passing.
  • Advise them that they will receive an email from Secure My Treasures announcing that they are a Trustee.
  • Your Trustee will be required to participate in ID verification before they can login to Secure My Treasures and access the Chests you have authorised.

Seek Their Agreement to Act as a Trustee

Once you have assigned your Trustees to specific Chests, start building.

Your Trustees can only access the information in the Chests they are assigned and no other.
Ensure that you enter their names into Secure My Treasures exactly as they appear on their Australian identification documents; use a correct email address and a correct street address. Please note that it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that their Trustee’s contact details are up to date.

Give them a copy of the Information Sheet for Trustees.

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