What’s not to love about Madrid? Being pickpocketed. That’s what’s not to love.

It was a wake-up call for our friend’s parents, Deepak and Aarya, yesterday. Retired and keen for excitement, these two nomadic travelers had their first taste of being pickpocketed in Europe. They didn’t see it coming. They had been absorbed in the architectural flair of Madrid’s aristocratic Chamberi district when they stopped in a park to put their feet up for a moment. Deepak foraged into the depths of his coat pocket to retrieve a craggy paper map of Madrid. A local man with halting English soon approached offering his assistance to Deepak and Aarya to navigate a jigsaw of streets and boulevards back to their hotel. Our friend’s parents were very grateful for his kindness until…..

They stopped at Calle de Fernández de los Ríos for coffee and a snack. When Deepak came to pay, he couldn’t find his wallet that contained both his and Aarya’s passports, their travel itinerary, information about their travel insurance and their credit and debit cards.

In their distress, Deepak and Aarya came to realise that the charming and helpful local man was helping himself to their valuables.

They feared that they were stuck in Madrid with a few more days of paid accommodation and no money for food. Luckily, the café owner was able to point to them to the local police station where they reported the theft.

Below is some great advice for dealing with pick pockets.

If you are travelling store copies of all your travel information in the Travel Chest on Secure My Treasures. (Just sign up from our home page at www.securemytreasures.com) For example:

  • Jpegs of your passport photos
  • Copy of photo page of your passport, any visas and evidence of vaccinations
  • Copy of second form of proof of identity
  • Photo of credit and debit card together with contact details for your financial institution including the number to call from overseas
  • Copy of itineraries
  • Copy of travel insurance
  • Jpeg photos of all valuables, watches and other jewellery, designer luggage etc
  • Contact details for the contact the nearest Australian Embassy, ​​High Commission, or Consulate in each country that you are visiting
  • Contact details of those to notify in an emergency
  • Authorise up to three people that you trust implicitly to access your Travel Chest. Contact them if you lose your valuables so that they can immediately access copies of the information that may be required to help you to continue your journey safely and joyously.

Smartraveller is a fantastic resource for Australian travellers. Find out more including about apps to receive updates at https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/ (Accessed 8 July 2024)

How to avoid getting pickpocketed in Europe – tips for outsmarting thieves. Everything you need to know about keeping your valuables safe and secure. https://thesavvybackpacker.com/pickpockets-europe/ (Accessed 8 July 2024)


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