Organ donation: Give so that someone else can live.

Did you know that 76% of Australians say that they are willing to become organ and/or tissue donors. Unfortunately, only about 36% are registered to donate. At any one time, there are roughly around 1900 people waiting for transplants.

To become an organ donor, you need to die in a hospital so that your organs are in the best possible condition to harvest for transplantation. You cannot donate your organs if neither the hospital nor your family are unaware of your wishes.

Australian drivers are no longer able to have recorded on their license that their decision to opt in to organ donation.

So, here are three ways to ensure that everyone is aware of your wishes:

  1. If you are aged over 16 years, join the Australian Organ Donor Register. Just click here and away  you go,
  2. Tell your family your wishes and tell them you’ve joined the Australian Organ Donor Register
    • Remind your nearest and dearest of your specific wishes, especially if your family situation has changed.
    • Refresh discussions of your wishes from time to time as a reminder or to clarify specifics.
  3. You can ensure that your wishes are immediately known should your passing be imminent:
  • Join the Australian Organ Donor Register, tell you family your wishes and store your organ donation decisions in your Doctor Access in An Emergency Chest on Secure My Treasures.
  • Secure My Treasures stores your vital information in any of 32 digital safe. It means that your donor wishes won’t be lost or destroyed unless you delete them.
  • On Secure My Treasures you can authorise up to three Trustees to access your organ donation wishes.
    • You can revise your wishes at any time.
    • You can also leave a message for your Trustees that updates them about changes you have made to your organ donation intentions.

Find out more at:

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Secure My Treasures

Secure My Treasures