Social isolation is common in family estrangement

Did you know that one of the impacts of family estrangement can be social isolation. Social isolation is often confused with loneliness. These are two completely different concepts. Let’s face it, who could be surprised that some might yearn social isolation just to have bit of peace and quiet after going through all the trauma of leaving a toxic family. […]

It’s your right to make decisions about your medication

Getting older sometimes attracts pressure from family, friends and others to comply with directives, especially about our healthcare. Those demands to comply may not reflect what we know is right for us or our wishes. Luckily, we have OPAN, the Older Persons Advocacy Network on our side supporting our right to make our own decisions about our health and healthcare. […]

Guidelines for safe and quality care at the end of life

The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality has released a new edition of its National Consensus Statement: Essential elements for safe and high-quality end-of-life care (Consensus Statement). The Consensus Statement describes nine guiding principles that outline a best practice approach to caring for people approaching the end of their life. Click on the link to familiarise yourself with The Consensus Statement […]

Who needs to know when you go?

  In the grief and chaos of losing a loved one, someone is sure to think through who should be told. How do we let family, friends, acquaintances and others know that a loved one has passed. Death notices appear less and less frequently in daily print newspapers. Few of us now scan the death notices for the surnames of […]

Jane is devastated. Her best friend passed away unexpectedly.

Jane’s friend was living her best life when she suddenly passed away. Jane and her friend were around the same age. Jane didn’t even know that her friend was sick. She wasn’t. Her friend’s passing was one of those tragedies that no one saw coming. Just two weeks ago, her friend of thirty years was celebrating the new year with […]

Tips for evacuating and recovering from natural disasters

It’s what nightmares are made of. That’s the trauma of having to evacuate your home in a natural disaster . For many, the brave but necessary decisions, like when to go, where to go, how to go safely and what to leave behind are next level distressing. Our list of suggestions and links may help you to be always prepared. […]

Caring for Older People in the Heat

Older people can have a tougher time dealing with heat and humidity. The temperature inside or outside does not have to be high to put them at risk for a heat-related illness. Headache, confusion, dizziness, or nausea could be a sign of a heat-related illness. Go to the doctor or to an emergency department to find out if you need […]

Alone and having a heart attack? Here’s what to do..

According to Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, heart attacks often occur when people are alone. Being able to recognise heart attack symptoms is important to your survival. Heart attack symptoms should never be ignored. This article, Survive a heart attack when alone,  can help you to recognise symptoms and provides advice on what to do if you find yourself having a […]

How to stay safe in your car in a bushfire

Bush fires have arrived in Australia early this year. If you live in a bush fire prone area, you will be familiar with calls to evacuate. It’s a heart wrenching decison to evacuate. But for your own safety, if you have to evacuate, do it early. Store copies of all of your vital information in Secure My Treasures document safes.  […]

Protect Your Caravan from Theft

Caravanning? More Australians are now investing in caravans and mobile homes. Many of them are empty nesters, living the dream as they explore our country in their own time and in their own unique way. It’s a great life. But, sometimes with all that fresh air and freedom comes unanticipated hazards. Caravans are expensive vehicles and therefore, are attractive to […]

Secure My Treasures

Secure My Treasures