Meet the Founders, Char Weeks and Geoff Charles

When so many people lost everything after the recent fires, storms, and floods around Australia, we felt we had to find a way to help people to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Drawing on our experience in business, technology, privacy of health information and land titles document security, we developed the blueprint for Secure My Treasures. We wanted to create a secure document safe to give people easy access to copies of their vital documents, such as wills, advance care directives, last wishes, insurance policies, identification documents, especially in an emergency.

We soon realised Secure My Treasures could be used in other ways, such as:

  • Helping people stay organised throughout their lives
  • Offering peace of mind for those who are losing their memory that things are where they need to be
  • Helping young travellers protect their passports or other important documents
  • Preserving important memories, such as photographs, awards, and historical/ancestral documents/family histories

Together, we’ve felt the anguish of loved ones grappling with slippages of memory as they struggle to find their house keys or remember the names of their children. We’ve experienced the distress of relatives trying to establish the whereabouts of a will that has somehow been lost in downsizing from the family home to residential aged care. We’ve spoken with grief-stricken women trying to fulfil their loved one’s wishes, fruitlessly combing through files without quite knowing what they’re looking for – only that “everything that is important is on the computer.” We’ve witnessed the stress our parents experienced when the ‘hiding place’ for jewellery and other valuables was forgotten.

These experiences have left an indelible imprint. They have highlighted the importance of having a way of securely and simply recording the location of important personal artefacts. Secure My Treasures offers peace of mind and eases the stress, frustration, and anguish that people can experience when valuables are lost, often permanently.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to reach peace of mind.

Char & Geoff

Secure My Treasures

Secure My Treasures