Frequently Asked Questions

How is Secure My Treasures different from other information safes?


Who can see what is in my Chests?

Only the Trustees you authorise can see what is in the Chests that you authorize them to access.

They cannot access any other Chests at any time for any reason.

How should I talk to my Trustees about Secure My Treasures?

Click on the links to download How to Choose a Trustee and the Information Sheet for Trustees.

Can I change my Trustees?

You can change any or all of your Trustees at any time.

Can a Trustee add or remove information from my Chests?

A Trustee cannot add, delete or change information in your Chests.

Are my Trustees required to pay a subscription fee to access the Chests I have authorised?

No. But, if your Trustees decide to build their own suite of Chests, they will be required to pay a subscription fee.

How much information can I store in Secure My Treasures?

You can store unlimited information on Secure My Treasures. However, it is suggested that Secure My Treasures not be used for general use filing.

How secure is the information held in Secure My Treasures?

The information held in Secure My Treasures is very secure. Two factor authentication, identity checking and data encryption are used to provide a high level of data security to safeguard your valuable information from unauthorized access.

You must also be vigilant about security. We will never phone you to ask for your credit card information or payment or request that you provide additional information to substantiate your identity. We will never ask you to download a program from the Secure My Treasures website. We will never redirect you to any other site to access Secure My Treasures.

What happens to my information if I want to cancel my subscription?

We encourage you to remove all of your information prior to cancelling your subscription. If you do not remove your information, we will hold it securely for up to 7 years when it will be destroyed.

How does the subscription to Secure My Treasures work?

A subscription with Secure My Treasures P/L is for 12 months.

A subscription begins on the day and time that your subscription fee is received into the bank account of Secure My Treasures P/L. A subscription ends on the same date the following year from when the subscription commenced. Unless, Secure My Treasures is advised otherwise, all subscriptions will be automatically renewed.

If I cancel my subscription during a year, do I receive a refund?

If you cancel your subscription during a year, you will receive a pro rata refund. This will be paid into the account associated with your subscription and no other.  We will not refund if you have used Secure My Treasures to engage in any unlawful or harmful activity. (See below).

How many Chests can I create?

You can create as many Chests in Secure My Treasures as you like.

What information can I store in a Chest?

While we encourage you to store all the information that is important to you in your Chests, you may not enter into Chests any content that is deemed illegal and harmful.

In particular,you must not store the following content:

  • images and videos of child sexual abuse
  • content that advocates terrorist acts
  • content that promotes, incites, or instructs in crime or violence
  • footage of real violence, cruelty, and criminal activity.

If a breach of the above requirements is discovered because of a Court Order, we will immediately suspend your access to your account. We will report any suspected illegal and harmful activity to the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner and the relevant law enforcement agency. We will not refund any part of your subscription fee.

What do I do if I lose my password?

Please click on the link for Forgot Your Password on the Sign In page. Follow the steps there to generate a new password or pass phrase.  

Create a strong password, say, at least 12 characters long and with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and special symbols.

Or create a pass phrase. A pass phrase is a string of words or a sentence with numbers or special characters that is longer than a password, easier to remember and more difficult to crack.

Can my doctor or lawyer or accountant access Secure My Treasures ?

In an emergency, a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant can access any Chest you specify as long as you have authorised each as a Trustee. In addition, we have created three Chests, titled, Doctor, Lawyer and Accountant Access in an Emergency. Again, your Doctor or Lawyer or Accountant must be a Trustee, authorised by you to access these Chests. You should only put information in these Chests that is relevant in an emergency. For example, information that is vital and not currently on your medical record or relevant information that is not already accessible from government records. Note that Secure My Treasures stores copies of information. A copy of will or a power of attorney can not be used as replacments for the original documents.

What is the purpose of the IDVerse IDKit identify check?

The IDVerse IDKit identity check offers an additional layer of security to safeguard, and control access to Secure My Treasures to only those authorized. All Clients, Trustees, Doctors and Lawyers must all pass the identity check to verify their bonafides at every access to Secure My Treasures.

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