Who needs to know when you go?


In the grief and chaos of losing a loved one, someone is sure to think through who should be told. How do we let family, friends, acquaintances and others know that a loved one has passed. Death notices appear less and less frequently in daily print newspapers. Few of us now scan the death notices for the surnames of people we know. Social media is hardly desirable as a vehicle for announcing a death.

At Secure My Treasures we think it’s just as important to stay in charge of your after life as it is the one you are living.

So we have created a table to help you list all the people that you would like to know that you have passed. The table also includes names, contact details and a column for noting your relationship with each person. You can also use it for the funeral or celebration of life notification.

We suggest that you store the table in your Celebration of Life chest on Secure My Treasures. Take a look at the table now at Who needs to know when you go

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