Expats and Transnationals…. Are you caring for your parents long distance?

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of expat life. If something happens to Mum or Dad you are a long way from home when it comes time to pitch in and take care of them. So aside from feeling guilty that you can’t be with them, what can you do to practically help and support them?

Let’s assume that your parents are among the majority of over 60’s that use the internet. You already video call with them regularly and/or play games online with them.

Those online interactions can give you peace of mind when you can see for yourself how your parents are going. For example, you can observe their upper body language and/or changes in their movement, speech, hearing, pallor (although that can be tricky), or level of engagement in the conversation etc. If they don’t appear to be as well as usual, you can encourage them to seek medical attention.

As an expat, it’s always advisable to hope for the best with family health and wellbeing but plan for something to go wrong eg if there’s an emergency like a fall or sudden serious illness or an unexpected deterioration in their condition. How quickly can you make it home, if necessary?

Know where those you are caring for keep all their health and medical information, including the names and contacts for their doctors, nursing, and allied health teams and/or any residential or home care teams.

For expats who have one form of Australian identification, Secure My Treasures takes the distance out of living on the other side of the world.  When older Australians store their vital information on Secure My Treasures, they can invite their adult children, as trustees, to become partners of co-decision makers in their care without compromising their independence.

Not only can expats stay informed, but they can also monitor their parent’s appointments, their medications, and offer reminders. If authorized, they can monitor their parents financial and/or any business affairs, delivery of support services etc.

Storing all that medical and health information in Secure My Treasures’ chests and inside its bank grade digital safe may contribute to timely discovery if your parent’s health deteriorates. It can also contribute to the whole family’s well-being no matter where you live.

Note: Access to Secure My Treasures is via three (3) factor authentication for your safety. This includes identity verification. Clients and their trustees require one form of Australian identification to attempt our quick and easy identity verification.


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