Disaster Planning and Recovery for Your Family

Australian Red Cross has developed a toolkit with checklists that will help you understand what you need to do in order to be well prepared for a disaster. It offers practical advice and support for those who have experienced, and are recovering from a disaster.

Article: Australian Red Cross, Resources to help you.
https://www.redcross.org.au/emergencies/resources/ (Accessed 1 June 2022)

The Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub is home to a vast array of resources for people, communities and organisations that need help to prepare and recovery from a disaster. That includes a15 episode podcast for people who are affected by a disaster. The podcasts are presented by people with lived experience of disaster and professionals that can help with your recovery. Note that session 14 is dedicated to dealing with family violence. If you are experiencing family violence and need help, call 1800 RESPECT or 1800 737 732.

Podcast: After the Disaster Podcast Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub.
https://knowledge.aidr.org.au/resources/after-the-disaster-podcast/ (Accessed 1 June 2022)

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