Every backpacker needs a back up plan

Backpacking is an exciting adventure especially when you are travelling around a country that is as safe as Australia. Robberies and thefts do occur but not often. It’s better to focus on being safe and vigilant all the time rather than throwing caution to the wind and losing the lot.

Using common sense will take you a long way to prevent your vital information like your passport, driver’s license, work licenses, proof of qualifications, insurance policy, photos of your bicycle and loved ones etc from being stolen.

Live it! Love it! Lock it!

If you must take that last swim, don’t leave your backpack to sunbake alone on the beach. You are inviting the light-fingered to tamper with your locks while you duck dive under the waves. Store your precious backpack locked and chained in a luggage room or with a trusted friend.

And here’s our best tip for your information safety. Kindly ask your bank of Mum and Dad to help to subscribe you to Secure My  Treasures where you can keep a copy of everything important. And they can download your important information when you’ve lost it.

Here’s a few more tips to help keep the fun and good times in your travels:

How to prevent theft while traveling (updated for 2024)

https://theroamingrenegades.com/keep-stuff-safe-whilst-backpacking/ (Accessed 9 April 2024)

Secure My Treasures

Secure My Treasures